Cure Imposter Syndrome

woman looking in mirror

It happens to everyone. Even to your personal heroes. Everything they make is amazing and effortless, right? They just ooze quality and their fans eagerly snap up everything they produce. Fortunately for them, and all of us, we have ways of editing and presenting what we share with the world.

Imposter syndrome is that feeling that you aren’t good enough at what you’re trying to do. Even highly qualified and successful people get that nagging voice in their head that says they are a fraud. It often shows up when you’re facing a new challenge, like a new job, or a new creative business endeavor.

Knowing everyone deals with it can help you shrug off imposter syndrome

It is normal to feel it. Go ahead and say it. Identify it. Then, take a step outside your own head and also see that this feeling is part of the bigger picture that you are growing and that new opportunities are in front of you. It is a good thing.

If you never feel it, perhaps you aren’t challenging yourself.

Become aware of the spectrum of experience and knowledge

I love this concept. I have also heard the growth philosophy that a person should both have a mentor and be a mentor to someone else. The times when I was a teacher, were the times in my life that I grew the most. To share knowledge with others, you have to test and shore up your own understanding.

Your Student >>——->> You >>——->> Your Mentor or Teacher

Someone knows more than you. Someone else knows less and would appreciate your teaching.

more to follow…

Photo credit: woman looking in mirror